Krissu Condominiums Earn LEED Gold Certification


Dominek Architecture brings a sustainable building practice point of view to our work. We love working with clients to responsibly plan and build the future. We're proud to announce that the Krissu Condominiums have received LEED Gold Certification by the USGBC. The 6-unit condominium project in Lake Oswego, Oregon was designed with LEED in mind from the schematic phase onward. Working tightly with the Contractor and project Consultants, the project included practical and unobtrusive strategies which resulted in a high performance building and site. Below is a summary of the point totals for the LEED for Homes Gold Certification. More information is available via the Green Building Information Gateway at


Summary of LEED Points - 83 Total

  • Innovation & Design - 4.5 pts.

  • Location and Linkages - 10 pts.

  • Sustainable Sites - 19.5 pts.

  • Water Efficiency - 8 pts. 

  • Energy and Atmosphere - 22 pts.

  • Materials and Resources - 6 pts. 

  • Indoor Environmental Qual. - 13 pts.

Gabriel Dominek